His Story-Our Story

When we look at history, we understand that it is our past. But does our past make our future? Only if we allow it. When we study history, we are going to see good and bad things. Things we like, things we despise. But we can either allow the past to shape our future by covering the pitfalls that were dug before to make a smooth road ahead. Or repeat them and add ourselves to the list of people that failed, so that the future may produce some one who succeeds. We can ensure that some one in the future will succeed, but only by preparing them by teaching them what hasn’t worked in our past.

   God made man, man made opinions. God made knowledge, man found ways to use it. History is based upon these two functions. Everything you see was made, and your job is to figure out how to use it. From law, to inventions, from nations to tribes, God made all, and man’s job is to figure out how to use it. The focal point of history is the birth, resurrection, and ascension of Christ, but the question is what role do we play in it. Will we be the people that longed for truth but used paganism and defiance to God as a way to fulfill our desire, much of what was found in the B.C. and Middle ages of our human history. Or will we take our part as Christians, to teach and love all, that dictate that came to us after his ascension. We all play a role in history good or bad, and through study of it we can find the truth and find the piece of the puzzle we are supposed to play. Every action has a consequence, and that record of consequences is history.

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