What is Salvation?

What is Salvation? Imagine the worst day of your life. You wake up sick, hit your head while get dressed, its raining outside. You go to your mode of transportation and it is not working. You then find out something bad has happened to some one that you love has been hurt and what ever job or role you had to do that day is gone. Everything that makes your life worth it falls apart. It is very common that this type of day happens at lest once, likely multiple times in your life. Pain, anger, hate, sadness, all flood into your body and give you thoughts of various ways to simply take the pain away. Drinking, physical pleasures, many things just to make the flood of darkness in your heart go away. Imagine this. Many years ago, a man, who was both human and God, felt that, and not just one day but everyday, before you even were born. His name is Jesus Christ. He was put on a cross, felt every bad event in your life and ever other life and bore that upon him self to give us a way out from it. To bear our pain, hurt, sickness, sleeplessness, anger, hate, lust, depression, fear and every other bad feeling that you can have. Why? Because he offers us a pure love that no one can fully give back. It isn't about what you do. It isn't about what you lust for. It isn't about what you can give. He simply lives you because you exist and he wants you to have the best life that you can have. It is pure love that he offers with out regret and with only one circumstance, that you allow that love to enter your life and change it. Who would not want this to happen? Why do we block ourselves off from this love and allow other people to convince us to give it up? Let God in and allow him to work on you. Will it be painful? Yes. Will you lose things? Yes. Will people give up on you? Yes. But you gain a God that is and is the same for all days and will never let you go by. He loves you, he cares, he is focused on you, and wants to see you be your best, with no cost back to him beside giving him your heart and soul. There is no pain that if you allow God can not take away. Let him do so.

                           Salvation Prayer

Dear God. I am praying because I want to let you in. I no longer want to be just me, I want to be a person that true love makes me be. I want to learn about you, to get to know you, and to be like you. I want to feel a love in my life that I do not have to pay for and does not hurt me. I want to join your kingdom and give up everything in my life that blocks true love from coming in and staying with in me. I know you gave up your own body for me and I in turn give up mine for you. Make me the creation you want for me and I will never stop being committed to you with my body, heart, and soul. This, I pray in Jesus name. Amen.


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