His Story

​You should know best about this period of history. Modern History takes us from the Protestant Reformation all the way to now. How one differing opinion opened the door to all new types of development and ideas. This is the ever growing section of history, your very existence is part of this history. Several events happened during this time period, s many occurred it will take some times to go over them all, but a few stand out.
1. The Revolutions: America and France
2. The Invention Age
3. The World War's
4. The Roaring Twenties and the Depression
5. Globalization

These 5 factors shaped the world today, and really set up the East and Western sides of our planet. And the fact is, it is still on going. As this part of history develops, the future is still coming, but understanding how we got here may give us a prediction as to where we are going.

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