His Story

The Middle Ages is the 'fairy tale" of history. The days of knights and kingdom all fit in the Middle Ages. This time line occurs from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Protestant Reformation. Many of the nations we see on the earth today. Such as England, Spain, France, and Germany, all have their roots in this time period. Several of those nations in their original form exist today, although many have made the transition from monarchy to republic. This time period gives us figures such as Henry VIII, Joan of Arc, Francis the 1st,and many explorers to what would become the new world. This period of history gives us 5 important factors.

1. The development of Europe
2. The power of religion
3. Cultures of the Western World
4. England's Reformation
5. Formation of the UK

These 5 factors shaped Europe going into the next phase of history, and provided a staging ground for the customs that we have as part of our daily lives.

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